Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick

mac ruby woo

Mac ruby woo lipstick is the heart throb sensation in the picture of red lipsticks from years, it deserves to be the queen of all red lipstick. I  believe , this product needs no introduction, its self explanatory.  I am not a person of brown and nude. i always like bright colors like pinks, reds, fuschia’s, orange etc and hence , this lipstick is hitting my makeup list over years now. Ruby woo is the all time favorites of Bollywood and Hollywood stars even.

Many a times, you come across views like matte lipsticks tends to make your lips dry and pigmented. But guys, this is not the case with this product, it provides your lips ultimate moisture, hides pigmentation of your lips, and its visible with one coat of application only, i prefer applying two coats to brighten my skin tone. It carries off well, despite of your complexion.

mac ruby woo




Every girl or women should add this in their makeup collection, because, it enhances the look completely. It can glams up any dull or boring day. It is wearable with all types of attires as it is neither too cool toned nor too warm toned.

It has a great longevity, stays for long. Generally , red lipsticks bleed a lot. but Ruby Woo does not move a bit. If you apply liner to line and fill , the longevity increases more.



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