My today’s blog dedicates to all the women around , who are perfectionist in their own sphere of life, works hard, look good but have no time to enhance it. People have set a havoc in their mind regarding makeup ways, the time to be taken and so on. Here are the few steps which can make your life sorted and you can look the best in quick 5 makeup tips for working women.


This is the first and most vital step that should be initiated before you put makeup on. Cleanse your face with a cleanser as per your skin type, and massage it in a circular motion for some time, rub it off with cotton. This will help you to glam the look, leave skin soft and flawless.

2. Applying Foundation


Under this step, you can use a BB cream also , if in case you are not comfortable applying foundation always. Foundation should be applied in downward direction, especially if you have facial hair, because if it is in upward direction, it would let your hair strand stand out,  Choice of correct foundation is must as per the skin types and weather conditions .

3. Correct Eyebrows



We all think that the features which is to be highlighted by make up is lips and eyes.. But let me tell you that the defined eyebrows are the real dynamics of our face, which can change the entire look, You often come across women , who look absolutely stunning without any makeup , that is because of their defined eyebrows. Too much of plucking your eyebrows , imbalance the features.

4. Contouring Cheekbones


If you want your face to look amazing in as little as 5 minutes, all you need to do is contour your cheeks. Use a darker brown on the upper cheeks, right on the bone line, and then a lighter shade above the bone line. That’s all you need for beautiful cheeks, and it takes less than 5 minutes to do

5.Application of Lipstick

lipstick application

If you don’t want to have a loud makeup, you can just use mascara for your eyes and lipstick in striking deep shades. Dark red and burgundy in a matte color are the best. You’ll have full, luscious lips that everyone will envy. The main idea behind this simple makeup is to add a glam to your face without elaborating. Keep your eyes all natural and focus on your lips for striking makeup that can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

At last, i would want to draw your attention towards the usage of correct brushes be with the applying of foundation, lipsticks or the defining of eyebrows.

Along with this,once you are back home, its important to do the cleansing process again so as to avoid zits, breakouts, unnecessary dryness etc.






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