5 Best Pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan Without Makeup


Aishwarya Rai has been a celebrity whom we look up to through out. Her style statements,  the way she presents herself, her captivating eyes, and the list is never ending. You always fantasize about her beauty so as to get at least a bit of her.This blog posts is about the 5 best pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan without makeup

she is counted among the celebrities who are naturally beautiful, and carries off well. Aishwarya did justice to the roles till the time she was doing movies,  and once she got married, she has been doing justice to her new life too.  

Lets have a look , how does she look without makeup?

aishwarya rai

In the above picture, she is heading for an event, not decked up with any accessories, completely natural, yet manages to look elegant.


You can see the difference in both the looks but , the one thing which is noticeable and common is about the natural beauty she is blessed with, which speak everything.

aishwarya rai

This Picture is from her visit to one of the Temple, wherein it seems as if the girl from the next door,  grounded, no colored hair, , completely conventional ,  she  prefers to have open hair, which i believe enhances her presence. Despite of her  beauty & professional work commitments, she keeps the religious roots alive.

This picture is self explanatory, the attention is grabbed by her daughter Aradhya,  who seems to be extremely bonded and attached with Aishwarya. Again Ms Rai is carrying a very simple look ,glares on , wearing no makeup, but still turns out to be refreshing.

This is the ultimate picture of Ms Bachhan, long open brown hair, very limited accessorized, shades on, nude lipstick is working well, extremely classy.

Out of all pictures, the most apparent part was that she  prefers to be natural  and maintain her beauty within, so that the sustainability lasts forever.


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