Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil


India is a rich and diversified country in respect to cultures and traditions, and we Indians are deeply rooted into it. We have a strong hand on Ayurveda , organic products. A very renowned name Ram Dev Baba came up with Patanjali, which has become a promising brand and a tough competitor to other brands

By God’s grace, i am blessed with good hair texture, since i have always had enough fish in my diet which is rich in protein, but due to some chemical treatments and less maintenance, i started getting severe hair loss to such extent that i used to be scared before each & every wash. None of the hair treatment helped me, knocked all possible doors. But one of my hair dressers whom i have relied upon has suggested  to  apply Luke warm Patanjali coconut oil before every wash, and keep it over night., Since, i have an oily scalp and dry hair at the edges, it was advisable more to apply oil at the edge than onto the scalp. I continued this process for around 5-6 months and the results were miraculous. I was stunned to see the hair growth  and the quality.

As and when i used to wash after hair oil application, my hair could feel the  breeze,  such fine texture.

Patanjali Coconut oil does not only promotes healthy and long hair but also can be used to smooth-en , soften your cuticles,dry skin.

1. strengthens hair
2. promotes hair growth
3. makes cuticle softer
4. moisturizes skin
5. reduces stretch marks
6. Calms eczema

How to Use

Apply to damp or dry hair.
Massage the oil into the roots for a scalp treatment.
It can also be rubbed over cracked, dry skin for it to be moisturized.



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