Grow Your Hair Internally With Best Foods.


Long, strong and silky hair is almost everyone’s desire yet not everyone is able to achieve it. Of course, it’s important to keep your scalp healthy, but it’s also crucial to pay attention to your diet. Dryness, frizzyness, smoothness or silky hair – all these are signs of your internal health factors. Each strand is made up of cells that contain a tough protein called keratin and they need to be constantly nourished with minerals and vitamins to make your hair long and strong. Grow your hair internally with best foods as follows:

Vitamin C- You can add citrus fruits in your diet to fulfill the requirement of vitamin c. Dietician recommends to have one lime a day so as to complete the daily dose. So, you can have it in the form of lemon water with honey or any other alternative and you are sorted. You can have oranges also. Vitamin C is helpful in producing collagen thereby contributing to grow your hair faster.

Eggs For Protein- Our hair is made up of protein, so we have to make sure that we have enough protein intake in our diet. Eggs are the richest source of protein.

Spinach And Other Leafy Vegetables- As we all are well acquainted with the fact that Iron is very important mineral  which hair cells require. Deficiency of Iron may cause hair loss and make the hair strand weak. When our body runs low on iron, hair cells doesn’t get oxygen, thereby not reaching into the hair roots and follicles which inhibit the growth.

Nuts And Seeds for Omega 3 fatty acids- Omega-3 fatty acids nourish the hair and support thickening. Since your body cannot produce these healthy fats, you need to derive them from your diet. Almonds and walnuts are really high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Similarly, flaxseeds can serve as mid-meal healthy snack while also supplying the essential fats to your hair.

Whole Grains- As discussed earlier, protein is the main source for hair growth. Whole grains are rich in biotin, iron , vitamin B which is required for cell proliferation and producing amino acid.



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