Being Positive In Life


Today, when i woke up in the morning, and looked at the mirror, there was a difference in me which i could sense, but somehow i was not able to trace that out. I started with my daily rituals, everything was at their own places, but i was falling over different places, which was noticeable. I took a sigh and wondered, what it could be that’s bothering me to the extent that its deviating me from the work i do.The reason was lack of Being positive in life.

It was only a matter of one day wherein i could find it unusual, and it compelled my mind to find out the reason of being so. Imagine to those whose approach towards Life has changed and turned out to be Negative. How difficult it must be for them to LIVE LIFE & NOT SURVIVE.

Guys , i know my blogs so far, the content of it has no relation with the topic of this blog, but i was sure today to reach it to you all through the thoughts coming from the core of my heart. There are millions of people  who are hopeless, distracted, has no vision in life, but they are full of talent ,which they don’t realize, or  its already too late to realize.

Out of my own experience, whatever we think the most, we happen to do so, or all the happenings of our life  are the consequences of our thought process either consciously or sub consciously. Generally, we are attracted more towards negativity very often, that’s the reason, we could count upon it as compared to the positive thinking. We want  big achievements to build us positive , but small issues are enough for us to be negative and this is the biggest irony.

There are numerous added benefits with you being positive and that is

  1. It gives you immense happiness, which no materialistic things can provide it to you.

  2. Positivity acts as a self motivator , you don’t require any external factors to motivate , boost your moral, you yourself is self sufficient.

  3. The attitude towards anything and everything changes, you don’t have to quantify the obstacle, it automatically looks minor to you , and it can be easily overpowered. You build up the self esteem.

  4. You are not dependent on any anti depressant pills, or other medications. You are healthier, happier, love life, love yourself. There is a soothing connection between your mind and body, that responds to each other well.

  5. Lastly, it values relationships  which are priceless. You are beyond all negative factors and what matters to you is the person and the relationship lies with. You attract people, they would tend to talk to you , like your company, respects you.

There are several ways to be positive, but my sole purpose was to show the importance of being positive because, once you know the purpose, you will find ways to achieve that


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