Anita Hassnandani’s fitness secret behind her transformation


Anita is a well known face in the television industry, she made her debut in Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli way back in 2001, ever since then she has never looked back and has been entertaining public by playing different characters. The most apparent factor is Anita Hassnandani’s fitness secret behind her transformation, that currently people are going crazy and admiring her figure , many of them idealize her.

But she was never this much stylish since the very inception, she has put in lot of efforts to get this desired look that she carries today. she does not want her body to be calm and relaxed and become lazy. She wants to keep it going so that she can stay fit and healthy at all times. She believes in learning something new that can ‘shock her body’ and keep it active and refreshed.

Every morning , Anita practices breathing exercises like abdominal breathing, kapal bhati, nadi shodana etc. She believes that it gives instant relaxation to her mind and body and do wonders for them. She continues the process with stretching and lunging exercises as well.

She doesn’t want to restrict her fitness regime with one activity rather she believes in keeping a variety of activities like swimming, dancing, weight training, walking, running etc.

In her recent interview, she revealed that she is a big time foodie , and cannot go for a  crash dieting, she cannot resist  sweets.

Anita believes in small courses of meals, she is purely against of meal gaps. she consumes 5 small meals every day, because over eating leads to weight gain. Despite her regular diet plan, she has her own cheat days, where she has more than the usual intake.

For breakfast, Anita eats 2 eggs along with a South Indian dish such as upma, dosa or idli. For lunch, she consumes 2 chapattis, grilled fish and fresh vegetables. During the evening, she eats some nuts and sometimes drinks a cup of hot filter coffee. She also tries to avoid non-vegetarian food in the night.

This is how she maintains her body, so lets give it a shot guys, and find out your own ways of being fit.


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