Dry Skin Care


Dry skin is a common condition which 90% population suffers. It is caused by various environmental factors that removes moisture from the skin. heat, deodorant soaps, arid climate can be termed as triggers. But there are solutions too that can address dry skin care and re lock the moisture.

Coconut Oil-  This oil works wonders for skin and hair, for which i have already talked about in my earlier blog postshttps://www.lovethemirrorz.com/2018/07/16/home-remedies-for-hair-growth/ You can use coconut oil daily on even the most sensitive parts of the body. These include the area underneath your eyes and around your mouth. Another advantage of coconut oil is that you don’t need to mix it with anything. Coconut is gentle enough for substantial everyday use.

Oatmeal Baths- Oatmeal is common remedy for irritated skin. It holds huge relevance and that’s the reason why it has been on the top recommendation of our grand parents. This remedy is especially effective if you’re seeking to relieve itching. Make sure after your bath you also moisturize your skin to lock in the barrier.

You can make an oatmeal bath at home. Or use a food processor to chop oatmeal into a fine powder, then put it into warm water.

Anti-oxidants- When your skin is dry, it means you’re exposing it to elements that are damaging skin cells faster than your body can repair them.Foods rich in antioxidants can minimize damage from toxins and help your body make healthy cells.  You can include tomatoes, carrots, beans, peas.

Fish Oil Pills – To nourish the skin thoroughly, taking healthy necessary foods and supplements is important. Some oils also work best when taken internally. Studies show fish oils such as Cod liver oil can help in soothing the dry skin, mainly owing to its omega 3 acids.

Bath Time Norms- Ensure each day that the time taken for shower is short. Along with this, make sure to shower with warm water as too much hot water on the skin can dry the natural oils, thus drying the skin instantly. It would be suggestible to use soaps and face washes that are gentle as they would help reduce the risk of moisture .

After Bath rules- After shower, never rub yourself with a towel to dry, instead pat dry the excess water. This will help you keep your skin soft and supple, helping you cut the risk of skin irritation. As soon as you’re out of the bath, make sure to moisturize! Moisturizer doesn’t add moisture to your skin





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