Anti Ageing Skin Care


Ageing is a natural process which cannot be stopped but it can be delayed. Fast ageing is the consequence of many substantial reasons like no skin regime, improper diet, too much of skin exposure , no physical workout etc. By ageing it means the skin starts becoming thinner,dryer, appearance of wrinkles, frown lines , laughter lines becomes prominent. Ageing is not a one time process, rather its a slow and gradual process which takes place at its own pace. Anti ageing skin care starts with the late 20’s only.

Below mentioned are the few steps , which can be incorporated in order to push back the ageing.

1. Sun plays an important role in premature skin ageing. We should definitely protect our skin from sun exposure by covering with a clothe, applying skin protection cream spf 30 & water resistant, in fact it should be applied to other exposed areas of our body also.

2. If you smoke, stop smoking, this is the most dangerous things to do in life that speeds up ageing.

3. Avoid repetitive facial expressions, because that contracts underlying  muscles. If you continue doing the same for quite some time, it makes a permanent line.

4. Maintain a proper and balanced diet, eat appropriate quantity of fruits & vegetables, because that helps in delaying the ageing. more of protein and less of carbohydrates & fats.

5. Avoid alcohol , it dehydrates the skin , making it dull and dead.It makes the skin texture rough.

6. Include physical activity in your daily routine. It boost up the immune system and improves blood circulation there by giving you a youth full look.



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