Review on Khadi Products


Today , i am going to talk about one of my latest explored product brand Khadi.The brand comes under Gram Udyog and kind of owned by government of INDIA. It believes in being genuine and affordable to the majority with the feel of pure and organic. Lets have the review on khadi products.

I have recently started using the soap, body cream and the strawberry face wash

1. Khadi Soap- I have tried almost all the flavors of the soap  and trust me i am in love with these hand made soaps. I could feel the organic element present  in their products. No artificial scent used. and after the bath i could sense the smoothness and the fragrance was alive after hours of the bath. It doesn’t dry out the skin, maintains the moisture content and acts gentle on skin. Its a  cost effective soap. I would surely recommend to others. 4.5/5.

2.Khadi strawberry face wash- It provides the adequate moisture and hydration to the face,you only need a small quantity of face wash to apply and you are sorted and gently work up lather with circular motion.This face wash is full of the natural goodness. Wash off and pat dry. It works well for anti dryness and avoids acne eruptions. 4.2/5

3.Khadi Sandal and Olive hand Cream- My love for the brand Khadi increased to the highest extent after using this hand cream. It has a mesmerizing fragrance that you feel divine after applying. It doesn’t leave your hand sticky or greasy rather absorbed well. Provides utmost nourishment to your skin, i in fact apply it in the legs & feet and quite satisfied. Generally when you have a dry skin and you sit in AC  through out the day, you tend to feel the dryness on the exposed areas of body, but after applying this product. i am done for hours. Must try product. 4.5/5.


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