Makeup Tricks For Dry Skin


Having a dry skin is the biggest challenge which we face,especially with the change of seasons and approaching winters. It is terrible to carry this skin type when it shows flaky , patchy, dehydrated. And, then on top of it makeup even makes it more disastrous. If you can co relate with what i have mentioned with respect to the skin types, then its an alarming time when you should wake up and start doing something. Before, applying makeup, always clean your face with a cleanser, it would be advisable to follow the CTM routine and then start with the makeup process. Lets get some makeup tricks for dry skin.

Primer Primer is a sheer, gel-like base that goes on skin before applying makeup. For dry skin, primer is especially useful because it gives your skin a smoother base, so that makeup can be applied without getting stuck to dry patches of skin. To apply primer, take a dot of it on your finger and pat it into sections of the face. Do not apply too much primer. In general, use one dot for small areas like your chin and nose, and two dots for larger areas like your cheeks or forehead.

Eye primer helps eye shadow and eyeliner glide on smoother, and makes eye makeup more blend-able. It also helps in providing uniformity in the eyelids . If your eyelids are dry, they may appear red or irritated. Eye primer will moisturize without making your lids too oily, and will help combat discoloration.

Lip Balm– Its very important to take care of your dry, chapped lips also. Its almost impossible to apply lipstick or other lip products smoothly. Patchy dried lips are the biggest makeup blunders which we commit.So, lets not continue doing the same and apply lip tint or balm before the makeup.

Foundation& Concealer- Make sure you are using foundation and concealer meant for dry skin. Foundation meant for dry skin is packed with more moisture than foundation meant for oily or normal skin, meaning that it will glide on easier and keep your skin feeling enriched and fresh, as opposed to making it feel depleted.

  • Don’t overlook the importance of the right foundation. Applying foundation smoothly is often the biggest struggle for those with dry skin, so if you think your foundation may not be working for you, it may be best to invest in a new one. With due respect to all the leading brands, kindly buy the high end makeup brand in order to save from the makeup disaster.

Use of Liquid Foundation against of dry powder foundation-  If you are using powder foundation, this may be the cause of some of your makeup don’ts. Powder foundation is great for people with oily skin, because it helps to absorb excess oil and moisture on the skin. However, if you have dry skin as it is, using powder foundation will only leave your skin more dried out than before. The powder will cling to the dry areas of your face, making foundation look patchy, especially from up close. Also make sure to use a cream concealer as opposed to a stick concealer.

Take the foundation on your fingers , tap it on the face and then blend with the help of brush. If you have dry skin, then using a brush would be the best option so as to minimize the scope of flaking, do not hard press the brush rather dab it repetitively by smooth touch, and repeat the process as desired for your face.

Use of Concealer- Use a liquid or cream concealer on your under eye area, and any other area that you feel needs more coverage. Apply concealer like you applied the liquid foundation, using a series of small pats.Use a small brush that can reach all the areas of the under eye.

Setting Spray/Mist- It is recommendable to use a spray than using powder, as spray hydrates the skin and locks the moisture content too there by giving a subtle look.

Application of Eye Makeup-  The next step is to apply eye shadow , but before that, since skin being dry, eyelids also require moisturizing and base before the application of eye shadow or liner. So, do not forget to apply primer on eyes, so as to have the smooth running of eye makeup.

Application of Liquid blush- If your cheek bones and cheeks are prone to dryness then go for liquid blush, instead of powdered blush. Liquid blush is easy to apply and gives you a smooth texture, and have a long lasting.

Application of Lipstick- The final step is to apply lip color, but while applying foundation and concealer, lips tends to become more dry , in that case apply lip balm before the lip color. Avoid dry matte lipsticks, and go for liquid lipsticks.

Once you are back home , it is again important to follow the CTM routine so as to avoid skin problems which i have already discussed in my other blogposts




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