Top Acne Care Products


Acne are the girl’s best enemy, whom they off course wants to get rid off, but acne sticks to maintain a strong bond with them. We almost try all possible face washes, cleansers available in the market, but end up with no visible result. To all the strugglers, below mentioned are the top acne care products, in which you can rely upon and give a shot:-

1.Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Face Wash-

This is a very mild gentle face wash meant for oily and acne prone skin. It has glycerin which protects the skin from over drying and helps in providing proper hydration. It makes your skin smooth and beautiful and clear pimples.

2.Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser-

Cetaphil daily facial cleanser is a high formulated cleanser which helps in removing dirt, excess oil, makeup dryness, skin issues without extracting the skin moisture content. It is made for oily, combination and blemished skin. It doesn’t clog pores and can be used with medication.

3.Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Face Wash-

This facial cleanser is a true meaningful face wash for acne prone skin. The salicylic acid present in this cleanser helps in cleaning the pores & clearing the pimples. It also prevents from future eruptions of pimples and blemished skin. It protects the skin from irritation, redness and over drying.

4. Biotique Bio Neem Purifying Face Wash-

This fresh foaming anti bacterial face wash is blended with neem extracts which has been serving from ages and has one of the best antiseptic, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. It removes excess oil, dirt and other external impurities. It cleanses and nourishes the skin along with purifying the complexion. It is organic and fight against pimples.

5. Khadi Mint and Cucumber Face Freshener-

This khadi face freshener is organic and works effectively on skin with the essential elements present like mint, cucumber, neem etc. It goes deep into the pores and cleanses your face. It protects the skin from germs, bacteria. With one of the element mint, it refreshes the face as well providing it a cooling sensation.

6.The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash-

This face wash is a must try product for blemished skin by including it in your regular regime. It helps in removing the excess oil, dirt, impurities and cleanses the face.

7.The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser-

This tea tree foaming cleanser acts the same way as the body shop tea tree face wash. The only add on is that it removes the makeup dirt as well. Truly meant for blemished skin.

8.Fab India Tea Tree Toner-

The fab India tea tree toner is a refreshing toner , claims to be alcohol free and has salicylic acid which helps to keep way the acne’s. It works on sensitive skin and has a gentle fragrance.



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