Make up Tricks For Oily Skin


I have come up today as your savior by¬† giving you ways of make up tricks for oily skin. Just because you have an oily skin, doesn’t mean you forego makeup, you should know the ways it could be worked out effectively with the right choice of products. Lets look at the ways:

Preparation before makeup- The way we need a clean canvas for painting, in the same manner, we need a clean and hydrated face before makeup. Since people with oily skin are already flooded with oil secretion, so it is more mandatory to clean your face, followed by toning so that the excess oil, makeup dirt are removed. Moisturize your face with a light weight , oil free moisturizer , mattifying moisturizers would be preferable. Oily skin too requires moisturizing in order to control the excess oil. If possible include exfoliation in your skin regime.

Application of primer- Star the makeup with a primer for face and eyelids. Opt for a matte oil free primer, that will prevent the makeup from melting off.

Applying Concealer- 90% of people with oily skin are prone to breakout , pores, and blemishes, and thus it becomes crucial to apply concealer, so as to hide them. It would be advisable to go for liquid mate finish concealer instead of cream based .

Application of Foundation- The next step is to apply foundation, but remember to use a little quantity of it and move the brush in circular motion so that the foundation spreads all over. Select a powder based foundation which is oil free, matte finish that will not clog pores. Mousse foundation can also work.

Blusher- You may apply the powder matte blush with a traditional brush or a powder blush. Circle the brush from the apples of your cheeks to your upper ear.

  • Avoid shimmery blushes because they will make you look shiny.
  • Powder matte blush will stay on your cheeks longer than a cream matte blush.

The further process is to do the eye makeup and the lip color as per your requirement , keeping in mind the occasion or event to attend.





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