Skin Products for Dry Skin


Hey folks, waking up in the morning, gazing at the mirror and finding your skin flaky,dehydrated is something, we don’t  want to look up to. For some, it occurs during the chilling winters , for others , it is the daily skin condition which they fight against. Nevertheless, every problem comes with a solution linked to it, we only have to choose upon , whichever suits us. Before i mention about the skin products for dry skin, i would want to talk about the relevance of internal factors too which plays an important role in the skin conditions.

To drink the appropriate quantity of water required for our body. As per an  article published recently,the calculation of the quantity of water depends upon the weight of the body.

Every 20kgs of weight requires 1 liter of water. That means, If you are 60kgs , the ideal quantity of water consumption should be 3 liters minimum. Despite of the weather conditions,the least possible quantity of water intake should be the one listed above, although, you may increase the consumption.

Khadi Sandalwood Moisturizer-This moisturizer creates a protective shell for your skin with the Sandal, Kesar and Aloe vera moisturizer from Khadi. … Aloe vera will leave a cooling effect on your skin and will nourish your skin. Also, vitamin E will add the accurate amount of moisture to your skin.

The body shop Vitamin E moisturizer-The lightweight, easily absorbed facial moisturizer protects and locks in moisture for all-day hydration, to leave skin feeling fresh, silky-soft and looking more radiant. Now formulated with vitamin E, and wheatgerm oil, its moisturizing effects can help the dryness. Use after cleansing and toning, as part of your personalized skincare regime.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief-  It is one of the best cream for dry skin.It is a gel-cream formula that claims to plump your skin with intense hydration for 24 hours. It helps get rid of fine lines, tightness, and flakiness with regular use. It is oil-free, and you can notice its positive effects right after the first use.

Biotique Bio WheatGerm youthful Nourishing Night Cream- This rich-feeling, firming cream is blended with pure Wheat Germ, Sunflower and Almond oils, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and extracts of Carrot and Galangal to moisturize and strengthen skin for a more vital, resilient, younger appearance.

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer- This moisturizer is complete worth for providing hydration and nourishment to your skin. Along with moisturizing, it has spf included , that helps in skin protection from sun exposure. It is a light weight moisturizer , leaving skin smooth and supple. It has a decent fragrance. A true delight to dry skin.



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