How Hair Color Leads to Dryness


Hey guys, i am again here to share some valuable information’s regarding hair color and how hair color leads to dryness ? There are humongous hair color products available in the market claiming it to be absolute safe but do you actually give a thought about them being so ? No! We tend to get influenced  by the advertisements, the brand ambassadors, the tag lines etc. The way all mouth watering dishes are not that tempting for the stomach to accept, similarly all beautiful looking hair products are not actually beautiful to your hair. It damages the hair follicles. A lot of people dye their hair, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re actually doing to their flicks.

We are only bothered about booking an appointment in a salon, sipping coffee, and let the hair dresser be the king of your hair and do the heck out of it. and wait until the foils are set and blow driers are switched on. Or, if we’re feeling strapped for money that month, we might just head over to our corner drugstore and choose the best bottle of dye we can find.

We should wonder at times when free that  what’s that harsh smell coming out of the bottle? Or how does a dark, rich color magically turn light and summery? What strips away the color, and how does a new one stick around, even after several of washes? When you think about it, it all sounds like a miracle.

Presence of Ammonia in the hair color breaks through the hair cuticle- changing something which is natural, by birth takes lot of barriers to break and set permanently. The ammonia in hair dye lifts the cuticle up to let the molecules of the dye in by upraising the pH of your hair.

Presence of peroxide- Now, since the cuticle is broken, Peroxide or rather bleach can help in transforming the hair pigment , Bleach oxidizes the color proteins in the hair, leaving them colorless.” Basically, it bleaches out the color and makes room for the new molecules. After these two processes, the new color pigment gets deposited. According to one of the cosmic scientist, the hair color is a series of chemicals that initiates as tiny molecules that are small enough to penetrate in your hair, and they grow into polymers, because of which after several washes also, they are not removed.

Colors with no ammonia- Ammonia free colors are also as unsafe as the other one, since thy have an alternate element present called ethanolamine, which still lifts the cuticle not to that extent as ammonia does, but acts the same.

Repetitive colors more damage caused- As the no. of lifts to the cuticle increases, more the damage is causing, the bond is becoming more weaker. Once you rinse, your cuticle comes down because the color has deposited, but the damage is already done.

Lastly, till now there is no clear evidence of hair loss because of hair dye, although picking up the correct color brand plays an important role, as few bad colors might tend to loose down your hair strands.


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