Hold Back Your Hair From Tangling


It is rightly said  “All that glitters is not always gold” what we see on screen, the actresses  flaunting long shiny hair, beautifully colored hair, are not always the same off screen. Their hair too gets damaged and requires huge care because of which they are found in the salons getting hair care treatments on and off , whenever they can. Do you also relate to this love in between the strands that they do not want to get apart. Let’s not get worried and look at the ways to hold back your hair from tangling .But before that, quickly, we will find out

Causes of Hair Tangling:-

Sleeping with Open Hair-  Being in half slumber mode, we really do not care about cleaning our face, combing hair and sleep as it is with open hair and that is the moment we invite the tangles to take place and it is too tough to remove. Hair becomes fragile, frizzy and are prone to breakage.

Lack of Moisture- In the absence of proper moisture content, hair becomes rough and frizzy and and easily break down.. Lack of hydration decreases the condition of hair.

Lack of Regular Combing-  In case of lack of regular combing, With no combing, the oil or residue that is built up over time can disrupt the health of your hair.

Trimming the ends at bay- When we do not trim the edges of the hair for a longer period, it tends to become weak and splits. And once your hair splits, it cannot be repaired. It remains dry and causes tons of frizz in your hair.

Chemical Treatments- Too much of hair styling, and other chemical treatments no doubt beautify the look of your hair for sometime but internally damage the cuticles which is almost hard to repair.

Remedial actions:-

Hair Conditioning- Along with cleaning the scalp, it is equally important to provide moisture to your hair, so that there are less chances to dryness. Conditioner smooth ens your hair and softens dry strands effectively. It is best to leave the product on the hair strands for sometime and then wash it off.

Use of Serums- Serums, spray and other de-tangling products provides an ease to undo the tangles or the bigger knots. You simply have to apply on the area and the surrounding and moving the comb or fingers towards the downward helps in de-tangling.

Regular Oiling- Out of my own experience, oiling with a warm oil before every wash results in lesser chance of dryness and helps in locking the moisture balance. The words or tricks which have been with us from the ages would always rule, no matter what new products hit the market.

Rinse with cold water- Always keep in mind to wash your hair with cold water and not warm, since warm water removes the  moisture resulting into dehydrated and dead hair. It also helps in closing the cuticles.

Hair Masks- Application of different hair masks can also be one of the effective option to keep the tangles at bay. You do not have to spend much because the home made mask with the ingredients from the pantry would work  better than the one available outside. You can check out my posts to get better understandinghttps://www.lovethemirrorz.com/2018/10/09/hair-masks-to-treat-hair-fall/ .

Ease with Towel- Apart from the above mentioned points, we need to be very particular with the way we rub our hair with a towel. It also disturbs the structure of the cuticles, resulting in split ends and frizzy hair. Gently squeeze your hair with a towel and let it air dry. Microfiber towels are the best options to get quality results.


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