Great Solution to Hair Fall


lazy wake ups! lazy workouts! enjoyable sleep! food maniac! easy digestion and many more. This is how the winter season  to be called like. But all that glitters is not always gold and the same applies here as well. This chilling season comes with white tiny dots on the clothes with the embarrassment as an added advantage to it. How can we forget the hair strands on the floor of the washrooms and the bed rooms? This was the condition  which i was experiencing with each passing day of this winters but thankfully i popped up into something which turned out to be the real time savior and the great  solution to hair fall .

One month ago, while surfing on Instagram i found one advertisement of an Ayurvedic Hair Oil in the name of iVeda NIVR manufactured in Hyderabad. It had a 30 days money back challenge and lot of claims along. I was inquisitive to know the formulation and found out  – Amla( phyllanthus emblica), Bhringraj(eclipta alba), Neeli(indigofera tinctoria), Mint oil, Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera . A big sigh to find it out Herbal because i was tired of experimenting and loosing my pocket off every then and now when i used to find out new product hitting the market.

Being  a bong! i was blessed with good hair. Thanks to my mother who feed me enough of what was required. But suddenly i was shocked of finding such rigorous hair fall and had to buy this hair oil without giving a second thought especially after listening to great reviews.

They clearly mentioned to experience the same condition of  hair fall in the first three applications and then eventually finding the result and hence happened the same way. The best part is that in our country maximum products are for women. But this amazing product can be used by both men and women.

I was applying thrice a week before every wash and stick to one of the favorite Ayurvedic Brand Khadi for hair shampoo. It may sound  you too early to share the reviews but trust me i have got the result. I was desperate to share the same with you folks because i could feel that there must be thousands like me who is still going through the same pain of seeing the beautiful long hair strands here and there on the bed sheets, pillows etc. Many of you are afraid of wearing black and the dark shades specifically when it is the right time to wear the dark color leather jackets.

Guys ! Think, what more worse can happen to you than this..

Nivr hair oil first reduces hair damage and hair breakage caused due to urban lifestyles, digital exposure, UV rays, pollution and lack of a proper diet. It treats the scalp for dryness, allergies & infections that cause hair damage. It will nourish the hair root and the scalp base with direct exposure high quality organic protein-rich ingredients. It helps in improving hair thickness by a minimum of 10-15% by continuously nourishing and maintaining the protein levels in the hair root to give you stronger, longer and thicker hair.

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